Thursday, May 29, 2014

Little Ocean Creatures Pattern Pack Release

I've just released my latest amigurumi patterns, including a complete pattern pack ebook full of adorable little sea creatures. These patterns will be quick for the experienced crafter, but even a beginner, to crochet or amigurumi, should be able to complete them!

These were originally created for a custom order. I really do believe a beginner can handle these patterns. They are made from basic crochet stitches with a few simple, possibly new techniques thrown in. I've tried to explain and add photos for some of the more unusual stuff, and as always I offer free help to anyone that downloads one of my patterns.

If you have never touched yarn or a hook, you can still do this! I have always believed a person can learn anything if they really want to. I have been crocheting since just after Halloween last year. That's right. Just 7 months. I've been dabbling in creating my own patterns since the beginning of the year and decided to publish my first patterns in April. I am hooked and plan to share many, many more. My point is, I am self taught and I have learned how to make my own patterns already. If I can do that, you can totally make a sand crab! There are great videos on beginner crochet on the Internet and they are all free. Contact me if you need a little push in the right direction! I'm happy to help...honestly I love to hear from other crafters. 

Check out the Little Chubby Dolphin, available in my Ravelry or Craftsy shop, for FREE. The rest are available in all 3 of my shops individually or as a pattern pack ebook. Visit the links below for more information.

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