Saturday, May 17, 2014

Handmade Happiness Roundup (Week 2)

Did you have a happy week? I've been busy working on orders and finishing up a pattern, but that stuff does make me happy! I'm hoping readers/fans/followers caught a couple of the #handmadehappiness posts, but just in case here is a recap!

Mother's Bird Nest Necklace (Sunday)
This adorable little necklace features eggs and a monogram for each child. This one was featured on Mother's Day. The tiny details just mesmerize me and I think these little children/grandchildren/family necklaces are too cute! Vist Uqfashion on Etsy for many personalized pretties!
Photo from Uqfashion

Rainbow Stickers (Monday)
There weather has been pretty gloomy lately. Nothing like a rainbow to brighten your day! You can stick there on anything to spread some cheer to yourself or someone you love. These sticks were sold by time I started this post so check out the shop for other fun stickers or ask for a custom order! Check out Joey Design on Etsy for more stickers.
Photo from JoeyDesign
Laser Cut Owl Pendant (Tuesday)
This one doesn't need much of an explanation. The cuteness of the owl says it all! Made out of maple wood. So cool and unique! Visit exdesigns on Etsy for more fun trinkets.
Photo from edxdesigns
Butcher Cuts Pig Cookie Cutter (Wednesday)
This cutter (and many others in this shop) is so clever! I'm not sure why you would ever need a cookie shaped like the butcher cuts of a pig but it is too awesome to pass up! Visit Printmeneer on Etsy for this and more unique cutters.
Photo from Printmeneer
Grad Cap Ring (Thursday)
Looking for a different gift for a grad this year? Check out this crazy awesome ring! There are lots of creative pieces in this shop. I am amazed by the talent. I especially love the Harry Potter glasses ring. Super cute and don't be surprised if those show up for handmade happiness one day. Check out thinkupjewel on Etsy for some super unique, special gifts.
Photo from thinkupjewel
Van Gogh & Dr Who Parody Poster (Friday)
My husband and I watched all the newer Dr Who episodes last year so I finally get what some of the inside jokes are about. These parody posters are too much fun! Visit ParodiesLost on Etsy to look at plenty more. Look for some Alice in Wonderland/Dr Who prints and a cool Star Wars parody. 
Photo from ParodiesLost

Hopefully one of these made you smile this week! Follow me on facebook to keep up with the daily posts, or stop by the blog on Saturdays for the week's roundup.

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