Friday, April 10, 2015

What To Do With Your Leftover Easter Candy

I am so ready for summer! Summer means grilling out and s'mores! This Easter, when it was beautiful outside we grilled out and built up a fire. While I was grabbing some festive marshmallow peeps, I saw some mini Cadbury caramel eggs and realized I had the makings of an amazing s'more!

This is what we did. Get together some graham crackers, regular sized peeps (any kind will do) and some Easter chocolate eggs. We used the Mini Cadbury Caramels and small Resees Peanutbutter Eggs. You can use virtually any kind of your favorite chocolate from Easter, but I highly suggest going with a filled chocolate.


Get your sandwich parts ready on a plate first. The little peanut butter eggs were already flat, but I took a small, sharp knife and cut the caramel eggs in half so they would melt a little more evenly. If you have a big, chocolate bunny just chop a few pieces off to fit on the cracker.

Get ready to roast some peeps! You don't have to use a fire pit. Just keep your grill warm after you finish cooking lunch or dinner and use the hot coals to roast your marshmallows. Make sure you are very careful when roasting peeps. They are covered in hot sugar, and hot sugar can be dangerous. Be sure not to touch the peeps with your fingers!

Use the graham cracker to remove the hot marshmallow. Let the chocolate melt a little and enjoy!