Monday, June 2, 2014

Little Evil Mistress Amigurumi Pattern Release

I just released I didn't post my latest pattern here on my blog yet. I spent most of my work time Saturday getting it ready to publish before the end of the weekend. After I uploaded them on Sunday, I was ready to work on something else for the day. Here she is though:

I am very proud of each of my patterns so far, but something about this one was extra satisfying to complete. I think it was because some of the features Maleficent has posed some interesting challenges. I've had a lot of great compliments too, so thank you for that! Some of my favorite parts of her include the back of her skirt, sleeves and her head.

But most of all, I love her boots! Maleficent's dress is so long, you never see her feet. I imagine she wears some pretty awesome looking boots, so she got her own, unique version of the ami doll shoes. And you still don't see them when she is finished, but you know they are there. 

You can pick up your own PDF pattern of Maleficent in one of my online shops.

I've already picked up the yarn I need for my next patterns, plus I'm still working on my deluxe Frozen girls. Be sure to watch my facebook for updates!