Thursday, May 15, 2014

Introducing a New Cutie Princess!

I'd like to introduce the latest in my line of cutie Princess dolls, Cutie Scottish Princess inspired by Merida from Brave!
Princess Merida
She is my third cutie doll so far. (I've got plans for more, so be sure to follow me on facebook or check back on the blog!) Merida had her own challenges. Her hair was the first. I do love how full and fluffy it gets. She could potentially use some different size curls. If I figure that one out, I will be sure to update the pattern with the new technique. 
Wild & Crazy Curls!

Another challenge was her bow. She was too plain without it. Plus would she really be the same Scottish princess without a bow? With a pipe cleaner and a little clever yarn work I came up with a simple bow and a belt/arrow holder to complete her outfit.
Bow & Arrow Holder
The only thing she might be missing is a cape. I was thinking about making one, but when I got to the point in the pictures I knew she was done. However later on I was thinking, maybe she should have a cape! It might be something I add on later and send out to upgrade the pattern.

Side View
Those icy sisters are happy to have a new princess in their little group. Here they are, ready to set out on a journey to find some new members of the Cutie Princess Club. I really am enjoying designing and creating these little dolls. You can make your own with the patterns available in my raverly or esty shop. Links below!

Cutie Princess Club

All photos used in post and on blog are copyright Jennifer Chittum 2014 unless otherwise noted. I am in no way affiliated with Disney or claim these to be actual Disney products. My creations are all inspired by my love for everything Disney. Full copyright information available in patterns or upon request. 

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