Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Simple Crafts - Chalkboard Jar

We've been canning more and were gifted a few boxes full of pint and quart mason jars a couple months ago. Most of them are perfectly fine for our canning adventures but we have run across a few that have become chipped. Instead of throwing them out, I'm going to use them for some craft projects and tutorials. In order to keep all your pretty, personalized pencils together I've made up another simple craft - a chalkboard pencil holder.
Copyright Jennifer Chittum

You will need:
  • a clean, empty glass jar
  • chalkboard paint
  • a screw on band for the jar
  • ribbon (optional)
  • paint brush
Copyright Jennifer Chittum
I love chalkboard paint. It is so cool! We hand dipped wine glasses for our wedding and I loved they way it turned out, so I knew I would be using it again. You do not need the Ball brand paint, as it is actually probably a little more expensive. We picked this one up on clearance, so it was already in my paint stash.   You can pick up chalkboard paint at pretty much an craft store, home improvement store, or just about any place else that sells paint.

Copyright Jennifer Chittum
Start with a clean jar, and brush paint over the entire jar. Be sure to let it dry completely between coats. It doesn't take long for the paint to dry. The first time I just covered the jar in paint. I did two more coats after that, one with all the brush strokes going up and down, and one with all the brush strokes going side to side. This evens out your brush strokes. You don't need to paint all the way to the top, in fact I suggest only doing it once if you are going to, as the rim is going to rub it right off anyway.

Copyright Jennifer Chittum
After your jar is completely coated in paint and dry, screw the rim onto the top. If your jar is chipped like mine was, you may want to glue it on so no one can get hurt. We had picked up a white rim some place, but the silver most jars come with will look just as good. You can always use an acrylic paint on the rim if you'd like a different color.  Add a bit of festive ribbon around the top and you are done! Besides a fun pencil holder, this will make a cute vase, candy holder, etc for a teacher, or a fun catch all for your kitchen. Enjoy!

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