Monday, August 11, 2014

Homework Station Inspiration

Since it is back to school season, I've been seeing lots of homework stations pop on pinterest. I'm gradually working on my craft area, so I'm always looking for fun looking, organizational ideas. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite homework stations from around the web for inspiration!

Dual Homework Station
Photo from Better Homes and Gardens
The colors in this one caught my eye. I love the light blue and white combo and I'm thinking I might incorporate it into my own space. I especially love that they re-used an old book shelf to create a dual work station. It gives your kids a bit of privacy to keep them on task and their own spaces to stash books, papers and other homework goodies. The baskets on the side are perfect for items the kiddos might be sharing. The best part though is that it takes up a small amount of space. Check out the info for this one over at Better Homes and Gardens.

Rolling Homework Station

Photo from
The globe caught my eye on this one. A second look revealed it was made out of an old library cart. I love themeing for the use of the cart is delightful. The two lower shelfs are individual spaces for each child and the top space is shared stuff. This one moves. They can spread out their workspace in a convinent location that day and move it back to the storage place when finished. And since the cart is made out of metal it is magnetic! Note the little reading timer. Great idea! Check out the details over at 4 Men 1 Lady.

Portable Station
Photo from The House of Smiths
This miniature homework station is awesome! The creator has so many things fit onto this little tray and even a bit of inspiration! I'm loving the chalkboard top containers. I'll be using that one for sure. The size of this one is the best feature by far. It all fits neatly onto a tray you can tuck away when not in use. The blogger that made this one was actually participating in a mystery challenge. She got a box full of mystery items including Krylon paint and was challenged to make something useful and pretty for her home.  There are detailed instructions over at The House of Smiths if you'd like to re-create some or all of this one. 

Seat Sacks Station
Photo from Scissors and Spatulas
Black and white is something else I really like. (Note the bit of blue thrown in...see a theme?) These homework seat sacks and are marvelous idea. I love how they use a typically un-used space to keep all the papers and art books contained when not in use. The blogger gives you a rundown of how she came up with them and at one point she was selling them as well for the non-crafty folks out there. It looks like it may have been a while since the last update so I'm not sure if that is still the case or not. Visit Scissors and Spatulas for more information.  

I hope you picked up some fun, inspiring ideas for your kids'  homework station, art desk or your own craft space!

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