Monday, July 14, 2014

Latest Projects

I have been super busy here! We adopted a sweet dog recently, made a few visits out of state and the husband and I have been canning and creating delicious goodies from fresh fruit. (I'm eating some freshly made peach salsa as I type. Yum!) I've been busy working on projects for my shop and for friends and family as well, so I'm about to share some of my latest stuff with you! If you follow me on facebook, you may have run across some of these already, but you never know with those new and always changing facebook rules.

I got a brand spanking new sewing machine for any early birthday gift! Unfortunately, I didn't get to use it until the week of my actual birthday. My first project was a super fun Captain America "summer costume" for my Godson to wear in the 4th of July parade. He had a blast all decked out in his outfit made out of a basic tee, a pair of pants hemmed into shorts, some felt and foam. You can see photos on my facebook page.
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After that I got to work on my revers-able bucket bag. The pattern can be found in Lisa Lam's The Bag Making Bible" and you can visit her at U-Handbag. (Lisa's books and tutorials are amazing! Check her out if you are interested in learning to sew.) I had the fabric picked out for this awesome bag for over a month, but just couldn't get to it. I finally decided it was time to take a sewing day and went for it. Unfortunately I might have cut some of the trim incorrectly. This is not the first time I've done that either. Sigh. I finally finished it up and have been using it as my purse since. I have some fabric picked out for a couple more and will totally share when I get them finished. Next time, I'm thinking I'm going to attach a button on each side. The current one has 1 button that you move with a safety pin when you want to use the other side. I don't think I'd mind having a button on the inside too, instead of moving it.

Copyright Jennifer Chittum 2014

I also released my first Little Superhero pattern. I had to tweak and re-tweak him a few times but I am so happy with the end result. The patter for Little Patriotic Hero is available on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy

Copyright Jennifer Chittum 2014

I am really enjoying toys and whimsical things, so I have decided to start selling 18" doll clothes in my shop. The first outfit available is a crocheted houndstooth outfit with hat. I actually won this pattern from A Crocheted Simplicity when it was released and I think I may pick up her other doll outfit. I love how it turned out and she always has excellent directions in her patterns. If you crochet and know someone with an American Girl or similar doll, this makes a great gift for the holidays! If not, you can order the outfit in my etsy store
Copyright Jennifer Chittum 2014
I finished up a few other things and have a couple Princess patterns on the way so check back soon, or follow me on facebook for more updates!

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